About girl: 

What do you need a man who has managed to reach great heights in his life? He can not do without a faithful and devoted companion, which will allow you to completely forget for a while, giving yourself to an infinitely sweet pastime. The model of the Parisian escort Olga will not ask unnecessary questions: she will immediately understand what exactly you need. The rustling of her silk dress from the latest collection of the famous fashion house, the glitter of eyes, underlined by professional make-up, the subtle fragrance emanating from her impeccable hair - one can admire such beauty for whole days. When the last lights go out from the window, a desperate tempter will tell you about other of his virtues. The inner world of Olga also will not leave you a single drop of indifference. She was used to achieving her goals on her own, so she had to make a lot of efforts in order to become successful. At 24, she managed not only to get a good education in marketing, but also to visit an actress in the theater, a model, a make-up artist and even an assistant psychologist. Rich life experience not only led her to the desired goal, but also made a truly unique companion.