The mistress, caught by a jealous wife, pretended to be a sex doll

The Internet is gaining popularity video about her husband, who came up with an incredible explanation for his wife, caught him on the other.
The clip with the expressive abuse of an African-American couple began to spread in Twiiter from January 23. Since the publication, he has already scored more than 5.26 million views.
On the video, the woman returns home and finds a partner along with a seductively dancing girl. "What the hell is going on here ?!" - she asks.
In response, the guy tries to prove that his girlfriend is actually a sex doll and shows the girl the appropriate certificate. The very seductress carefully pretends that she is a robot.
But when an angry woman beats her, that thin voice begs for mercy. In the end, she throws her hands at impersonating a doll, dresses and runs away. Here is such a GFE turned out :)
Users have suggested that the video may be fake, but still called the video very funny.
Especially they liked the excuses of a guy who until the last persuasive girlfriend that the doll is real, just "broke."
Twitter users highly appreciated the "brilliant" idea of ​​an unfaithful husband and the acting abilities of his mistress.

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