About girl: 

How many people, so many preferences. You can get tired of glamorous, refined and capricious beauties. Often these beauties, who, thanks to glossy magazines, are considered to be the standards of female beauty, are simply lifeless. What kind of passion are you talking about? This is more an exception than a rule. Many men tell me that I remind them of their first love. I am polite, courteous. I can fulfill any desire of a secured customer. With such a passionate and loving blonde like me, you will be comfortable. I love when the man's head lies on my quivering chest, and I stroke his head and say that everything will be fine. And so it happens. Men come back to me, say: "Thank you." Many of them I helped: someone comforted, someone gave a true life advice. I am not only a passionate lover, but also a loyal, good friend, a reliable support in any life situations.